Certified Clinical Hemodialysis Technician

HANDS-ON TRAINING with Machines & other Hemodialysis Devices


Nephrology Nursing Certification Commission


Accredited & Approved by WY. Board of Education for 44.5 Contact hours
Experienced, Qualified Instructors


Course fee $475.00

This course is designed to give professionals and nonprofessionals who seek to enhanced their knowledge in hemodialysis in a well organized and detailed manner. Hemodialysis is a growth industry, offering many employment opportunities. The main objective of this program is to provide the participant with the information and hands-on training needed to provide care for patients on hemodialysis.

  • Anatomy and Physiology of the Kidney
  • Common causes of End Stage Renal Disease
  • History and regulatory issues of dialysis
  • Principles of hemodialysis, procedure, techniques, and adequacy
  • Discussion on different treatment options
  • Commonly used hemodialysis terms and abbbreviations
  • Patient's assessment, phychosocial and nutritional needs
  • Discussion of hemodialysis devices
  • Different hemodialysis vascular access
  • Vascular cannulation skills and techniques
  • Discussion of infection control in dialysis setting
  • Medications used in hemodialysis setting
  • Common medical/technical complications in hemodialysis
  • Water treatment & reprocessing of dialyzer
  • Basic laboratory tests for ESRD patients
  • Documentation on the dialysis flow sheet
  • Hands-on practice with different dialysis machinery